Bold And Full: Joan of Arc

Our BOLD AND FULL feature today is Joan of Arc (6 January c. 1412 – 30 May 1431), a heroine of France.


Joan of Arc was born during the 15th Century in France. The country was near collapse, in the midst of the longest war in the world’s history. Failure was predicted for France. Daughter of a farmer, Joan of Arc became an unexpected hero. At the age of only thirteen, she claimed to have a divine gift from God. Joan CREATED a path for herself, independence and freedom for women was unheard of in those times.

 "I am not afraid... I am born to do this."

As a teenager, Joan led the French Army to a miraculous victory and was praised for her heroism. It didn’t last long. At nineteen, she was accused of witchcraft and heresy, along with 70 other charges. Joan was convicted and burned at the stake. Later she was pronounced innocent and named a saint. She was a strong woman. More than her success in the war, she Joan of Arc is seen as a hero for her extraordinary faith and for never giving up. We would happily have Joan of Arc as part of our TRIBE.

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