Bold and Full: Florence Nightingale

The spotlight is shining brightly today on our BOLD AND FULL FEATURE, Florence Nightingale (May 12 1820 – August 13 1910), the founder of modern nursing.

Florence Nightingale was born May 12, 1820. She was named after her place of birth in Florence, Italy. Florence is known for being the founder of modern nursing. She was influenced by her friend, Mary Clarke, who believed that women should be equals to men. Florence decided she wanted to CREATE something great and devote her life to serving others.

Florence was nicknamed the Lady of the Lamp during the Crimeon War. She did not quit taking care of soldiers because it was dark. She went around soldier to soldier holding a lamp trying to help each one she could. She never gave up and worked hard to accomplish something great for others. She opened the first “official” Nightingale School for Nurses in 1860.

Florence died peacefully in her sleep on August 13, 1910. She is credited for her work impacting the medical field. Florence RADIATED with a light brighter than her lamp.

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