Be The good

My favorite Cents of Style item is in constant rotation. I have too many to count! But my current favorite is a good one and I wear it as often as it is clean. Keep reading to find out what it is and how I like to wear it. 

My favorite Cents of Style item is my Be The Good Sweatshirt. This time of year I am always looking for something that will keep me warm and also utterly comfortable. And this sweatshirt fits the bill. I also love the message behind it! Be The Good in the world around you. Be the good in the little, everyday ways that make your world better, brighter, and happier. 

For me, this means to be the good for my kids. But the best mom I can be for them. Build forts, finger paint, play games, give horsey rides. And sometimes the best clothes to wear when you're doing all these things is the comfiest ones possible.


I love wearing my Be The Good Sweatshirt with my Heather Jogger Pants. It's my go-to outfit for a day at home with my two cute kids. 

What is your favorite Cents of Style item? Why is it your favorite? Share your pictures and stories here.