"Be" Series Graphic Tees: Let It Be.

I am always touched to see so many beautiful stories shared from our blogger friends during our Story Fashion Fridays. 

Recently, a story caught my attention. Of course we love fun here at Cents of Style, but we also love inspiring stories that help women get through the daily grind... and over those big hurdles too.  This story is one of those. I hope that this story helps everyone to remember that sometimes (to quote The Beatles), when we are in times of trouble, we need to just "Let it be." 

Let it Be – Surviving a Life Transition

by Holly Bertone from PinkFortitude.com

Life’s transitions are tough and add a lot of stress to your life. I’ve survived yet one more. How? Sometime you need to just let it be. Let me share my story with you…


Story Source

My husband and I met the old fashioned way – in a bar with him extremely proud of his lame pick up line, “Beatles or Stones?” I’m a Beatles girl. Carter’s a Stones guy. Long story short, he pursued, and I finally gave in and fell in love. We dated. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, and he got down on one knee and proposed two days later.

Fast forward seven years, the cancer is long gone, but my health has been hit or miss with an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Recently, the flare-ups and chronic fatigue have been worse than normal. Unfortunately, the management at my J.O.B. wasn’t very supportive.  Adding stress to an autoimmune condition and adrenals in stage 3 dysfunction is like pouring gasoline on a fire.

I knew that we had to make some major life decisions. Carter said at one point that my health and resolve were worse now than when I was going through cancer. It was a rough few months trying to make it through each day and figure out what we needed to do. I felt like I was living a life of triage and everything centered around how much energy I had on any given day. My health was obviously the most important factor, but resigning from my full time job was going to be a big financial hit, even with a growing business to fall back on.

I tried everything I could to make it work. It wasn’t. I did a lot of prayer and meditation. Not only was I seeking an answer, but I needed some comfort and peace through this difficult time.

The answer did come. It wasn’t exactly the one that I had in mind, but it was the answer loud and clear. Let it be. Sometimes in life, you have to just let go, and let it be. It was bittersweet to resign from my job, but it has given me the opportunity to focus on what is important – my health and family. And also focus on my writing and advocacy.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s amazing what stress can do to your health! I have faith that this was the right decision to make. I’ve already had several opportunities cross my path, and I know this is my life’s mission to be able to help and inspire others. I’m extremely blessed to have Carter and Stepson by my side through cancer, through this life transition, and through the ups and downs of life.  

If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else. That is why when you fly, they always tell you to put on the oxygen mask yourself first. I’m excited for this journey called life. I’m excited to help and inspire others. I’m excited for this chance at a new beginning. But for now… time to let it be.