Be Brave With Your Life

"Be brave with your life so that others can be brave with theirs."

I heard this quote a little over a year ago at Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City. It was also at this conference that I came away with the overwhelming feeling that I needed to be brave and share my story with others. In response to that, I have spent the last year trying to do so. It has been very hard, but also, very rewarding.

It's hard to open yourself up and be vulnerable with others. It's hard to show your true self in all its beautiful imperfection. You risk the possibility that others may not accept you for who you are. However, you also run the risk of touching and influencing others' lives for good. Without the risk of vulnerability, there will not be the gift of connection and greatness.


Here are 3 Simple Tips to Being BRAVE with your life:

1. Tell Your Story

I have made a conscious choice to share my experiences -- not only the successes, but also the hardships when I can. This simple act of sharing your experiences will make others feel not so alone and a little braver.

2. Listen

I am continually working at being a better listener. When I listen to another's story, I am giving them permission to be brave and validate their experience. It is really easy to want to offer advice and suggestion, but sometimes all someone needs is a listening ear to feel validated and a little more brave. I especially try to only offer support and listen when what they are saying does not mirror my own experience. This allows me to broaden my view and understand that even if it's not my experience, it is someone's and that is important.

3. Recognize and Show Gratitude

When we recognize the wonderful things in our life it makes us realize that we are being brave and living our life and our days right. Additionally, when we show gratitude, we allow others to do the same.

In doing this, not only am I empowered, but hopefully I am touching just one person to go and BE BRAVE with their life and then they will, perhaps, touch another.

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