Back to School Teacher Style with Tara

Teachers hold a very special place in our hearts. They leave an unmistakable impression on us with an impact that goes beyond the classroom. So for our Back to School 2017 fall collection, Turn the Page, we decided to highlight four beautiful women, all teachers, who have personally touched our lives. Nominated by members of our Cents of Style tribe to be highlighted in this collection, these women have taught with love and kindness. As a small expression of our deep appreciation for them and teachers everywhere, we're thrilled to share pieces of their story.

Meet Tara, a beautiful 4th grade teacher our Fulfillment Manager, Heidi, asked to be included as part of the collection.

"Tara is AH-MAZING! She is so patient, kind, and FUN! She chipped away at school after she had kids then bit the bullet to do full-time to become a teacher. She is very creative, and puts a lot of thought and preparation into whatever she does. She's always happy and smiling." -- Heidi, Fulfillment Manager

_DSC8875 1.jpg

Wearing: Skeeter Classic Jersey Polo | Scout Classic Denim Jacket | Katniss Classic Woven Pant|  Malik-06 Metallic Oxford Flat

No stranger to spending days keeping up with energetic 9- and 10-year-old students, practicality and comfort were huge priorities for Tara's style. "My style is comfortable and ready for anything 30+ kids can throw at you--sometimes literally!"

_DSC9314 1.jpg

Wearing: Aly Floral Maxi Dress |Scout Classic Denim Jacket | Sochi-113X Low Cut Out Bootie | Tribe Disc Necklace

While ensuring her students receive a strong education is certainly at the top of her priority list, Tara also looks beyond at the bigger picture hoping to make each student feel valued. 

"To me teaching lets you be a big part of a child's life for a short time. I want to be remembered as a teacher who loves her students unconditionally!"

_DSC9179 1.jpg

Wearing: Gabrielle Keyhole Blouse | Michelle Neutral Floral Skirt | Core-18 Open Toe Perforated Bootie

_DSC9041 1.jpg

Wearing: Bridget Stripe Denim Shirt | Katniss Classic Woven Pant

_DSC9002 1.jpg

We're grateful for Tara, Daphne, Laurie, Alayne and for teachers everywhere who personify "Be The Good" so evidently with the way they teach and live.

Here's to another A+ year!