Back to School Teacher Style with Laurie

Teachers hold a very special place in our hearts. They leave an unmistakable impression on us with an impact that goes beyond the classroom. So for our Back to School 2017 fall collection, Turn the Page, we decided to highlight four beautiful women, all teachers, who have personally touched our lives. Nominated by members of our Cents of Style tribe to be highlighted in this collection, these women have taught with love and kindness. As a small expression of our deep appreciation for them and teachers everywhere, we're thrilled to share pieces of their story.

Meet Laurie, (or "Mrs. C" as she is lovingly called) a 3rd grade teacher nominated by Courtney, Cents of Style CEO.

Mrs. C and the Brown Kids.png

"'Our Mrs. C,' like my kids call her, came into our lives when we needed an angel. She was my daughter's first grade teacher, but she has gone on to become so much more. A grandmother. An advocate. A tutor. A friend. Our lives are richer, easier and more fun with  'our Mrs. C' in them." -- Courtney Brown, CEO

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Wearing: Lita Half Sleeve Babydoll Dress |Pika-118 Embroidered Ankle Strap Flat

Warm-hearted and compassionate Mrs. C loves helping those discover the joys of education. "I love teaching others and helping them develop a love of learning. My heart sings when students from the past come up and tell me what they are doing with their life."

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Wearing: Aly Floral Maxi Dress | Sochi-113X Low Cut Out Bootie

"I hope my students will remember that they were and are important to me and have developed that sense of 'I can do it!' That they love themselves and love learning! I also want them to remember the fun we had learning together."

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Wearing: ShaRee Button Up Cardigan | The Book Was Better Graphic T-Shirt | Katniss Classic Woven Pant | Pika-118 Embroidered Ankle Strap Flat

When you look good, you feel good, and then you can go do good. Mrs. C lives and exemplifies the Cents of Style purpose of empowering women to lead bold and full lives. "I like to dress in comfort and style. It makes me feel better about myself. I want my students to have a high self esteem and know that our classroom is a safe place where learning can happen. I work hard to build their self esteems because the world works hard to destroy them. Feeling good in what I wear builds my self esteem."

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Wearing: Scout Classic Denim Jacket | Cosette Crushed Velvet V-Neck Tee | Katniss Classic Woven Pant

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We're grateful for Tara, Daphne, Laurie, Alayne and for teachers everywhere who personify "Be The Good" so evidently with the way they teach and live.

Here's to another A+ year!