Back to School Teacher Style with Daphne

Teachers hold a very special place in our hearts. They leave an unmistakable impression on us with an impact that goes beyond the classroom. So for our Back to School 2017 fall collection, Turn the Page, we decided to highlight four beautiful women, all teachers, who have personally touched our lives. Nominated by members of our Cents of Style tribe to be highlighted in this collection, these women have taught with love and kindness. As a small expression of our deep appreciation for them and teachers everywhere, we're thrilled to share pieces of their story.

Meet Daphne, a loving and passionate 1st grade teacher introduced to us through Sara, the Cents of Style Event Coordinator.

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"Daphne really is a wonderful person. She is talented and self-motivated. She has three kids, teaches at a charter school, rocks it at crossfit, is bilingual, and she's really close to her family. She isn't afraid to try anything, she challenges herself to be better and embraces life. She speaks her mind but is very open and friendly to everyone she meets." -- Sara, Event Coordinator

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Understanding that her influence goes beyond the classroom has a big impact on Daphne.

"I have a big responsibility because I spend so much time with children early on in their life to set a good example of what a contributing citizen is outside of their home. It means I not only teach curriculum but I teach positive thinking, social skills, and how to care about each other."

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That influence even extends into personal style and fashion. An opportunity to boost confidence and self-expression, Daphne teaches through example.

"I am often teased at school for wearing my heels and dressing up. I teach first grade so I am usually crouching down and sitting on the floor! I love to wear skirts and dresses and of course my heels. I like to think I am teaching my students about style as well as the curriculum! When I put on an outfit, if I feel good then I feel confident and that is my style!"

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"I would love to be remembered as someone who genuinely cared for their students. I really care about and take pride when kids leave my class well prepared for their next challenge."

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We're grateful for Tara, Daphne, Laurie, Alayne and for teachers everywhere who personify "Be The Good" so evidently with the way they teach and live.