Back to School Teacher Style with Alayne

Teachers hold a very special place in our hearts. They leave an unmistakable impression on us with an impact that goes beyond the classroom. So for our Back to School 2017 fall collection, Turn the Page, we decided to highlight four beautiful women, all teachers, who have personally touched our lives. Nominated by members of our Cents of Style tribe to be highlighted in this collection, these women have taught with love and kindness. As a small expression of our deep appreciation for them and teachers everywhere, we're thrilled to share pieces of their story.

Meet Alayne, a kind woman who teaches 2nd grade and recommended for our Turn the Page collection by our General Manager, Tinaya.

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Wearing: Marjorie Felt Floppy Hat | Corabelle Criss-Cross Floral Dress | Sochi-113X Low Cut Out Bootie

"The thing I admire about Alayne is that she is one that has great strength. I have seen her overcome obstacles and challenges in her life with such grace and poise. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. She radiates kindness and is a light to those around her. On her birthday each year she always chooses to do random acts of kindness. She does one for each year she is turning. So if she is turning 30, she does 30. She is inspiring to me and I know many of our mutual friends. Alayne is definitely someone that belongs to our Cents of Style tribe" -- Tinaya, General Manager

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Wearing: Scout Classic Denim Jacket | Skeeter Classic Jersey Polo | Sheena Shimmery Midi Skirt | Malik-06 Metallic Oxford Flat

Spending her days with young students, Alayne recognizes the influence and impression she can have on them. She uses her time to ensure each student is learning the material, but also feels valued.

"Teaching second grade means I have a small part in making a difference for good in a child's life, to help them learn and to help them understand how amazing they are!"

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Wearing: Skeeter Classic Jersey Polo | Turn the Page Graphic T-Shirt | Sheena Shimmery Midi Skirt | Pika-118 Embroidered Ankle Strap Flat

Alayne knows that "simple" doesn't mean "boring." It's about finding pieces that make you feel great and sticking to that. Knit skirts and dresses are an easy solution to staying comfortable throughout the day, but still looking professional.

"My teaching wardrobe style is fairly simple, but I make it my own with fun patterns and vintage-inspired pieces."

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Wearing: Gertrude Ruffle Shoulder Blouse | Abileen Stripe Pencil Skirt | Pika-118 Embroidered Ankle Strap Flat

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Wearing: Lita Half Sleeve Babydoll Dress | Skeeter Classic Jersey Polo | Sochi-113X Low Cut Out Bootie

"What I would like to be remembered most for as a teacher is that each and every student felt loved and cared for, and that I made learning fun."

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Wearing: Tris Solid Bell Sleeve Dress | Priscilla Felt Panama Hat | Sochi-113X Low Cut Out Bootie

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We're grateful for Tara, Daphne, Laurie, Alayne and for teachers everywhere who personify "Be The Good" so evidently with the way they teach and live.

Here's to another A+ year!