Back in Black with A Slice of Style

Jenica's blog, A Slice of Style, is filled with delicious recipes, killer deals, and great design. She also shares her vulnerable journey with IVF allowing each of us to share in the highs and lows, cheering her on along the way. Jenica radiates positive vibes, making her a Cents of Style tribe member through and through.

Black is anything but basic and Jenica proves that. Her classic style is flattering and fun, using accessories to dress things up, all without breaking the bank. (Sounds like a win-win to us, wouldn't you agree?!) 



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Our Cents of Style Council is comprised of independent lifestyle bloggers that do more than just wear pretty clothes. The Cents of Style representatives were selected for their real-life knowledge of many things-- looking great while doing those things is just a bonus. Follow along each Saturday as we show you how they wear their Cents of Style and check out more of their looks here.