Announcing: Our New Jogger Pants!

 Jogger pants are no longer just for the boys, or for the 1980s. Girls, behold comfort and style!


What I love about the jogger pant is that it's so versatile. They're loosely fitted enough for a night of Netflix, while fashionable enough to substitute for your everyday denim. Add a blazer and heels for a modern take on the Eighty's pantsuit. It's basically a pant of many colors.

Not convinced you can tackle this trend? Observe.


This is our Bailey Diamond Print Jogger Pant. Not to brag, but I happen to own a pair of these babies, and let me tell you... They're so incredibly soft! That's my favorite feature. They have zippered cuffs, which I thought was a cute detail. Then there's the drawstring waist that makes the pants your perfect size. I mean... Come on. You've seriously got to try these things. 


Styling them is easy as a Sunday morning, too. Just add a great graphic tee and some cute flats or sandals, and you're good to go. 

But wait, there's more!

If you're needing something a bit more to-do, we've got another trick up our sleeves. It's called the Janessa Jogger Trouser. Janessa's got it going on for your next big date, after party, or just another day on the job. With it's more tapered leg and fitted top, this jogger pant pairs well with button up blouses, tailored blazers, and shiny baubles. Put on a bomber jack with pumps or high tops for those backstage passes you scored, and these pants will do the rest.

Whether you wear a pair over your swimsuit, or go out to lunch with the girls, our new jogger pants are your new best friends.