An American Dreamer Giveaway

As we wrap up sharing the American Dreamer stories of some of our favorite female business women and friends, we've got one last surprise for you. And it's one you definitely don't want to miss. 

This American Dreamer project has been an incredible journey so far and I'm sad to see it end. I've loved hearing and sharing the stories of these women who have found ways to lead their boldest and fullest lives. But I think what has been most exciting is to see how these women have built empires by having the courage to follow their dreams and do what they love.

I hope you too felt inspired by Jane's (To The Market) drive to empower and help women world-wide affected by horrible life-altering events get back on their feet and create something for themselves. Vanessa (Chatbooks) proved that dreams can change and grow with us and as we look to our own lives we can find the inspiration for what's to come next. I've found great motivation from Shannon's (Plum Street Prints) appreciation for hard work and her courage to revamp her company alone. Chari's (Persnickety Prints) determination, unwillingness to give up, and perspective on failure have encouraged and inspired me to hustle harder and ignore the haters. Who isn't in awe of Heidi's (Heidi Swapp) strength, courage, and perspective on memory keeping--not just as the inspiration empire she's built but as a source of personal comfort through her most trying time after the death of her sweet son? This list wouldn't be complete without recognizing my boss, mentor, and friend, Courtney (Cents of Style). Her vision, hustle, and strength have built an opportunity for women to grow, find fulfillment, and become part of something truly remarkable -- myself included. I can't wait to bring you two more stories this week, Devenie (Salty Bison) and Lacy (Laced Hair Extensions), as I know you're going to love the two of them just as much as the others.

All of these incredible women are unique -- so are their stories and so are their businesses. Yet all of them have faced challenging roads that have threatened their dreams, their goals, and their successes. But all of them have responded with fierce tenacity and determination to keep trying. All of them are American Dreamers.


Together with these talented American Dreamer friends, we’ve got $1,000 of pretty incredible prizes to giveaway! So come join the fun on Instagram before Friday, July 29 and grab a limited-edition American Dreamer graphic t-shirt before they're gone!