I think when most people look at my mom, they see a devoted mother and grandmother, a woman who has spent her life in service to her family. And they would be 100% correct. She is the most loyal and committed woman I know. And if that were all she was, it would be a beautiful life story. However, she is more than Mother. She is Artist. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.


Adventurer. This is a woman that before she was 25 had ridden a camel in Egypt, Sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, and hitchhiked all around Europe.

This is a woman that since 65 years old has lived in Fiji alone, road tripped across the United States and fulfilled a life long dream of seeing Hawaii.


And just this past summer Alice came with my family to Italy. She climbed to the top of the Duomo in Florence, She hiked Tre Cime in Cortina and she biked 10 miles on the Appian Way in Rome. Proving that at 69 years old there is always room for adventure.

She has instilled in me her adventurer’s spirit. It is not enough just to live, but to live grandly and experience the greatness the world has to offer.

Entrepreneur. She was my model for women’s entrepreneurship. While raising her six kids, she also had multiple businesses, finding ways to be creative and make a little extra money from time to time. And 9 years ago when I came to her with the idea of Cents of Style, she was the first investor. She saw the vision of what we could become before anyone else.


She knew from her life experience the importance of women’s empowerment and having a direction and dream all your own.

Artist. Alice would never call herself an artist, but anyone that would see her work would disagree. She turns the ordinary into vibrant colorful pieces with her mixed media art. 


Alice has shown that being an artist or creative doesn’t mean just one thing. It means paving your own path and doing what speaks to your soul.

She taught me that as a woman, you don’t have to be defined by one title. Each title makes you who you are.


Happy Birthday Alice, what a life you have led.