Adventures in Jamberrys!

* I am not affiliated with nor do I sell Jamberry nails!

So maybe you've seen the adorable Jamberry nail wraps floating around online - or maybe you've even attended a home party where you've gotten to give them a try! I had my eyes on them for a while and then by a stroke a pre-christmas fortune my sister in-law hosted a party! My shopping addiction collided with my indecisiveness and I ended up buying 8 sheets to give as gifts to my mom and sisters. The variety of designs was almost too much for me to handle: florals, metallics, matte, stripes, geometric, solids, glitter - Anything your heart desires.

I kept a few sheets for myself and have been waiting for an opportune time to attempt applying them so yesterday was the day! The first step for me whenever I do something potentially dangerous/humiliating is to rope a few sweet innocent friends into joining me. And in this case, I felt it as especially important to find girls who were 1. Younger and hipper than me and 2. Girls who were into nails and owned the essential supplies - like a nail buffer. Meet my adorable babysitter Grace and her older sister and someday architect Valerie. Also, please admire our fancy hands that were painted and prepped for wrap application!

In retrospect it may have been a better plan to apply the wrap and THEN paint the rest of our nails since they were wet and we kept messing them up! We were rebels - dont be like us!

Once you wipe down your nails with polish remover and push back cuticles, the first step is to take your freakishly long skinny barbie hand and measure which wrap fits your nail. Then you cut it off the sheet and peel off the clear backing. Next was the tricky part of heating up the wrap with your slightly dangerous blow dryer from Ross. I simultaneously burned myself and blew the rap onto my wet thumb nail roughly 3 times before it was curling up at the edges and ready to apply. When you do finally apply the wrap - put it on with the rounded end towards the base of your nail - duh. After putting it down the wrong way TWICE I finally figured this out! (also when Grace nicely pointed out that I was doing it wrong. Repeatedly.)

Once you have firmly pressed the wrap down, and burned yourself again with the blow dryer to adhere the wrap to your nail - you need to trim the excess off the top. A normal person would have dainty little nail scissors to make this task quick and easy. But not us. We had my trusty old baby nail clippers that I luckily found in the kitchen junk drawer. It was either those or the kitchen shears! Once they are cut to size you just bufff away the harsh edges and smooth them down if needed.

And Voila! You have a fancy schmancy manicure! A special thanks to my partners in crime: the Mitchell girls, Who entertained me with stories of young love, unicorns, health, Christmas, and the new amazing shop called LUSH in the Village that I am desperate to visit!

You girls keep me young ;)

xoxo Christy