Accessorizing my life....and belly!

Hi guys, it's Brennan. I own the one and only Cents of Style with my sister Courtney...she's the one who deserves all the credit :)

could not be more proud of this company and all of the fabulous women...and some men, I work with.


Well, it's official- half way through and I have made it to the awkward phase of pregnancy. You know the one where all of your clothes start to fit tight and people begin to wonder if you are pregnant or if you are just bloated....yes I was asked that question. **Sigh** The phase where it is easier to stay in your magical sweats, that seem to grow right along with your belly.

have always believed in our Cents of Style's mottos, “you don't have to spend a lot to look great, and when you look good, you feel good.” However, now more than ever, I need to put them to the test. It is my goal the last half of my pregnancy to get myself out of my magical sweats....that actually, other than being comfortable, don't make me feel very good, and into clothes that can make me feel great.

Although, these clothes will continue to get tighter and tighter, and I may have to go up a size, there is one thing in my wardrobe that will always accessories! They will be the finishing touch. They will be what will make my “pregnant clothes” bold, bright, and beautiful. I will be able to stay in style and on trend merely by the accessories I throw on. Come along with me as I update you on my journey of that last half of my pregnancy. I will Accessorize my life :)