A Way to "Be"


Our new line of "Be" items inspire to be brave, be you, be true! 

I joined the Cents of Style tribe last fall (noob alert), but already a loyalty has formed. I read up on the company before my application was even submitted, and I found some pretty cool stuff. What I love most about Cents of Style is their mission: empowering women to live bold and full lives. I mean, really! Where else do you see a company wanting to better their customers? Sure, some companies boast bettering their customers' insurance rates, their waistline, or the mileage of their cars... but bettering customers' lives? Who DOES that?! Cents of Style does; 040616-Web-Cents-Of-Style-Portia-Hi-Low-Fringe-Vest-Light-Gray-Be-Kind-Shirt-White-207_179a6075-22ae-4aca-b167-e01d8331fec7_grande.jpgwith fashionable reminders to "Be" that you can wear every day. Being part of something that big was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up.

I'm a wife and a mother, and sometimes it's hard to invest time in myself. My schedule is composed of my kid's schedules and my husband's, so things can get kind of crazy up in here. Sometimes I'm lucky to get lunch during normal lunch hours, let alone a shower (you mamas know of what I speak). So it's really nice to be reminded that I'm a person, too; that I'm a "be"-ing. 

My favorite "Be" item from Cents of Style is the Be the Good graphic tee. With everything going wrong in the world today, I find it empowering that I can still be part of something going right. Whether it's a small community project, or giving the school bus driver a gift "just because," I know that I can be the good someone sees in the world, even if it's just for a moment.

Another cool graphic tee I love is the new Be Still t-shirt (I'm kind of going through a graphic tee obsession right now). As a Christian, this shirt reminds me of God's promise of "be still and know I am God," from Psalm 46:10. He is and always will be in control. I don't have to worry about the what if's or what will be's, I just have to know that He's got this.

A few other new items are more of the stylish wear-anywhere tribe bracelets that remind us to Be You, Be Brave, and Be Here Now. How important is it to just take five seconds out of the daily grind to stop and listen, to focus on the now? Afterall, today has never happened before, so pay attention! This one is big for me, because I happen to take a ton of photos whenever we're out with the kids. It's great to have visual memories of their first time on a roller coaster, or of them petting a giraffe; but they take notice when I see their accomplishments with my eyes, rather than through a lens. I want them to remember me "being" there, sharing in the accomplishment with them.

I'm so grateful to be part of Cents of Style. I feel that this company is moving up and moving forward, and that its mission to better the lives of its customers really is what business should be about.

Be sure to check out the entire Be Series collection. We hope that they inspire you, empower you, and remind you to be the best that you can be, to give beyond what you're given, and to live life happily!


- Laura Lenau