A Recipe For The Perfect Arm Candy

With the holiday season here, I've got sugar on the brain constantly! Give me all the Christmas cookies, candy, and cakes! But at a certain point I crash from all the sugar intake and I just can't take any more. If you have the same problem, change things up and try some arm candy instead. Nervous about putting together your own bling? Let me help you out with a few recipes for the perfect arm candy for every taste. 

Recipe #1: Mix and Match


This is a fun every day arm candy combo. Start with two inspirational tribe bracelets. Add a second bracelet in a different metal that is a little thicker. Then finish off your recipe with a touch of texture in the form of a tassel bracelet in two different colors. And before you know it you've got a great bracelet stack!


Recipe #2: Glam


Holiday parties are filling up your calendar so you've got to bring on the glam. For this glitzy combo, start with your favorite tribe bracelets. Then add some sparkle, then some fun metallic glam. Finish off this recipe with a pinch of glitter, because we are going for glam! You are ready for any Christmas or New Years Eve festivities.


Recipe #3: Modern Minimalist


Do you prefer to keep things simple? Then our modern minimalist recipe is for you! As always, start with two part inspiration in the form of two different styles of tribe bracelets in the same metal. Then finish off this simple look with a thicker, neutral bracelet. Done and done!


Now that you have some recipes to get you started, make sure you pick up a few of our tribe bracelets to get your collection started! And good new, this kind of candy won't give you a belly ache or cause a sugar crash later. Win-win!

Happy shopping!