90's Fashion Is Back

Is this an image of me from 1994? Nope. It was taken last week somewhere in the Caribbean in 2018. I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. I am equal parts in love with what I am wearing and terrified that I’m about ready to meet up with Kelly and Brenda at the Peach Pit before hitting the beach.


Neon Fanny Pack ✓
Distressed Denim Cap ✓
Zipper Swimwear ✓
Sports Shorts ✓

Let’s face it. We are officially at that “age” when we have seen the trend once and it is coming around again. Are we going to choose to embrace it or determine that we are too old? I’d like to think we can find a happy medium. Embrace the trend while simultaneously looking age appropriate.

Here are a few 90’s trends that you may embrace back into your wardrobe in 2018 and feel confident that you are modern and current and not just trying to relive The Wonder Years.

1- Overalls
2- Bike Shorts
3- High Waisted Pants
4- The oversized t-shirt/ flannel
5- Neon Accents

As a girl who has never shied away from “trying the trend,” I’m in! I'll try the 90’s again in 2018 and I’ll embrace it for the stage of life that I’m in now.