5 Things They Never Told You About The Toddler Years.

Toddlers are so cute, so sassy, so fun... and SO. MUCH. WORK. 

Our cute friend, Sandy, recently shared what she has learned about the toddler stage.... and I think it's information worth sharing. Anyone that has a toddler (or who will have a toddler eventually) can benefit from her thoughts. Because, really... it takes a village, people.


SLPF-99-1.jpg5 Things They Never Told You About Toddler Years. 

by: Sandy @ SandyALaMode.com

  1. They are honest, sometimes more honest than you can handle. They just tell it like it is because they don’t know any other way. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, is up to you. But sometimes in public, when they are talking about other people or saying embarrassing things, you may find yourself wanting to hide in a corner.
  2. Meal times are a test in patience. Some days they eat a lot, some days they don’t eat. Some days they eat fast, some days they get so distracted while eating they get out of their chair a million times. You just never know… and your patience is definitely tested during this time. It doesn’t even matter if you give them their favorite foods or a variety of food, the outcome is always different.
  3. Their ability to soak up information is mind-blowing. They pick up words, they watch your every move, toddlers are SMARTER than you think and soak things up. So make sure you are watching your potty mouth or leading by example, because they will copy and follow.
  4. Most nice things will be destroyed. Forgot about buying nice clothes or furniture or nice anything… or well actually, if you do, just know that there is a possibility it could get ruined. Our carpets are stained, our couches have crumbs inside of them, clothes get stained easily, and well, trying to keep the house tidy is an impossible feat. Once you clean something up, they will make another mess, it’s never ending.
  5. Terrible twos? Don’t know who came up with that one. Should be called Terrible threes. I know this from experience with my son and talking to A LOT of other mamas. But twos are worse than threes, for most. At twos, the tantrums start, but I think at threes the intensity of tantrums and their ability to “reason” (or so they think) and talk back to you makes them all that much worse. So I’m sorry mamas with two year olds, you are just getting started. :/

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