5 Halloween Costumes With a T-Shirt

Halloween is nearly here, and it's time to party! But what to wear? Grab a t-shirt and follow our five tips below...

1) the artist

what you'll need: A beret, a brush and palette, our voila graphic tee, and some black eyeliner.

what to do: draw on a mustache and get fancy with that accent! what were those two years of foreign language for anyhow?


2) the cliche

what you'll need: a plain white tee, a black marker, and a bag of lemons or lemonheads candy.

what to do: write "life" on your plain white t-shirt and hand people lemons, with a smile.


3) the ice queen

what you'll need: a platinum wig (braided), ear muffs, and our let it go graphic tee.

what to do: give everyone chills with an epic vocal performance from that famous new animation motion picture!


4) crazy cat lady

what you'll need: some safety pins, our cat lady graphic tee, and some cat plush animals.

what to do: randomly pin the plush animals to your t-shirt, let it speak for itself, and let your crazy shine.


5) the baker

what you'll need: a chef's hat, a little bit of flour, a rolling pin, and our cupcakes & caffeine graphic tee.

what to do: put some flour on your cheeks and lock up the shop. you're going out tonight!