5 Great Gifts Under $40

In case you still have a few on your list to buy for this holiday season, we would like to share with you some of our favorite items with you to get those idea clouds brewing. 

Today, we delve into another blog post full of wonderous goodies to share with those on your nice list. Take a look at what we love under $40... with free shipping! 


 1. Happy Holla Days Embroidered Sweater

I can't be the only one out there who enjoys a good pun. If you know someone who gets a chuckle out of them as much as I do, this is the gift for them! This sweater is adorable, I love it.



2. Signal-15 Pointy Toe Heel

OMG, shoes! Who doesn't love unwrapping a shoe box and actually finding shoes? Especially cute shoes as these! Give the gift of the power walk this season with this pointy toe sole. 



3. Keisha Knitted Shawl 

I've got to be honest here when I say that I'm actually a newbie to wearing shawls. Man, oh, man was I missing out! These babies are so ridiculously comfortable, warm, and versatile (over the shoulders, as a scarf, as a sash...). Our Keisha shawls also come in four different colors to choose from!



4. Goldie Color Blocked Dress 

Can we please talk about how cute this dress is? We're in love with these swing dresses this season, because they're just so darn amazing. Pair them with booties or flats, leggings or bare legs; to the movies, or a holiday party. Just slip it on... so easy!


5. Lori Multicolor Scarf

There's talk about how winter wear is grayscale and dreary. Well, we're here to put that talk to rest. Who's to say your winter wardrobe has to stay within the brown and black scale? Not the Lori multicolor scarf. Add a pop of whimsical hues to your ensemble and deck those halls, girl!


***BONUS! If you're dealing with one of those hard-to-buy-for types, we've got you covered there, too. Just hand them one of our gift cards with a smile! It's one size fits all, and they'll love you forever.