3 Ways To Wear A Beach Wrap

Well... it's almost time... time for beach trips, picnics, pool days, boating, parades, and park play dates. It's almost SUMMER. Are you ready?!?  I know I am!  And hey... this summer, life can be a beach when you have our beautiful beach wraps and blankets in tow! 

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While they are of course perfect for just relaxing on, did you know you can turn our beach wraps (and even blankets) into fashionable accessories and WEAR them. Our video shows you how..... #3 is my favorite. 


1. Wrap it up.

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1. Fold it in half

2. Wrap it around your waist

3. Tie a knot at the side

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2. Cover it up.

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1. Hold out the wrap in front of you, gathering the top so it's slightly folded over

2. Wrap it around your back, at your chest

3. Tie a knot

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 3. Make it a kimono! 


1. Take one end and grab two "corners". Tie a knot in the 2 sides

2. Take the other end and do the same thing

3. Swing it around, put your arms through the "sleeves" like a jacket! 

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