10 Ways to Wear A Maxi Skirt

If you've ever tried on a maxi skirt, you know it's right up there with yoga pants on the comfort level. That makes them rank pretty high in my book. Fortunately, maxi skirts are also an easy way to look perfectly polished while staying cool and comfy all throughout spring and summer. However, there are often several questions regarding how to wear a maxi skirt. Like, how long should it be? What do I pair it with? Is it too casual/fancy? How do I avoid looking frumpy while wearing one? Can I wear one even if I'm short? Here are 10 of our favorite maxi skirt styling tips. And we promise you'll be a maxi skirt convert after this.

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1. Maxi Skirt + Graphic T-Shirt


It's not secret that we love our graphic t-shirts here at Cents of Style, but that's for good reason. They go with everything! Maxi skirts included. 

2. Mix and Match Your Prints



Ok, we're diving right in to the advanced stuff! Solids are great, but no reason to be afraid of a little print mixing. Black and white stripes are a great place to start. You just can't go wrong with them. It will always look classy paired with solid colors AND they also pair nicely with other bolder prints. 

3. Pay Attention to Material and Fit


This is an important one. A skirt that's too clingy or made from fabric that's too thin and sheer is not going to be flattering. On anyone. I know the hesitation in not wanting to look like you're being swallowed by fabric. But just like with leggings, you really don't want everyone to see everything.

4. Mix Up Your Fabrics and Textures



Fall and spring. Seasons we love, but man, they can be tricky for dressing. Wearing a lightweight sweater with a feminine and flowy skirt creates contrast and visual interest for your look. The two textures and fabric weights also balance each other out, so you still look seasonally appropriate.

5. Maxi Skirt + Chambray



Chambray. It really is a closet essential. You just can't go wrong with this combination.

6. Maxi Skirt + Unexpected Shoes


There's no rule that you have to wear heels with a maxi skirt. Or flip flops. The lace-up ballet flat trend is one we've got major heart eyes for, and it happens to also look terrific with a maxi skirt. If you're wanting to just dip your toe into the mixing your prints waters, try it out with your shoes! A pair of bold shoes gives that peek-a-boo effect so there's less committment involved.

7. Maxi Skirt + Belt




Define that waist! Many worry that wearing a maxi skirt will make them look bigger with all that volume. A belt helps draw the eye to the narrowest part of your smoking hourglass figure.

8. Define Your Waist



Let's actually expand on this point. Belts are a great option, but there are plenty of others as well. Knotting or tying your shirt, tucking your shirt in, wearing a crop top, all are great ways of balancing the volume of a maxi skirt.

9. Maxi Skirt + Tank Top



Like I said earlier. Maxi skirts are the perfect solution for those hot summer days. Keep it casual and cool by pairing your flowy skirt with a casual, lose tank top or basic t-shirt.

10. Not All Maxi Skirts Are Created Equal



It's true. They come in different shapes, lengths and materials. Some have pockets, some have slits. Some have accordian pleats, some are a more fitted A-line. While that may seem overwhelming at first, it actually just means there's something out there for everyone. And that's actually pretty awesome.