Courtney's Favorite Things & A BIG Birthday Giveaway

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Posted On January 18, 2019

Summer of Slow Update- Lessons Learned- The Lesson of "And"

We’ve made it to August. There have been 10 Fridays thus far this summer. I have officially taken 4 “off.” And the word “off” has taken on a new meaning for me, what I thought was going to mean, “self-care, no work, mom” just means, “different work.” And instead of chastising myself for this, I’m actually really thankful for this space to do different “work.” The “mom work” of swimming pools and outings. The “writers work” of putting thoughts on paper. The “personal work” of exercise, alone time and journaling. The “CEO work” of employee alignment and strategy. Taking these days “off” has allowed me space to pursue each of these endeavors.

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Posted On August 15, 2018

The Gift in our Flaws

The Gift in our Flaws

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Posted On August 01, 2018

There is always room for one more.

I spent this past weekend in my hometown of Boise, Idaho. And although I have lived in Utah for nearly 20 years, Boise is home. I gathered with my immediate family, 33 of us, to reconnect with one another in the city that made us. And as I was there, I couldn’t help but think of the lessons I learned in this city and the people who taught them to me. 

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Posted On July 18, 2018

Summer of Slow- Lessons Learned Weeks 2 & 3

The biggest lesson I have learned, so far,  in my Summer of Slow, so far, is ironically that “I’m not so good at slow.”

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Posted On July 11, 2018

Happy 10th Birthday, Chase Courtney Brown.

Chase Courtney Brown

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Posted On June 26, 2018



When I was pregnant with Ryder, I decided I wanted to cut my hair off into a pixie. My hair was half way down my back and it didn’t “fit” my personal style…at all. Most of the time it wound up in a ponytail, because I was never cool enough to master the top knot.

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Posted On June 20, 2018

Summer of Slow- Week 1

 I was in a meeting in early May, when my executive business coach asked me, “If you could have anything in the next 3 months, what would it be?” A thought crossed my mind and it was so unlike “me” that I was going to deny it or say another answer. He then proceeded to say, “not what you think you SHOULD do or NEED to do, but what do you WANT?” So in an effort to be honest with my feelings, I blurted out, “A break. I want a summer of SLOW.”

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Posted On June 15, 2018

A Numbers Game

Numbers. We love numbers. We love to follow them, let them tell us others and our own importance.

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Posted On May 30, 2018

The Basic Essentials of an Effortless Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Sometimes the thought of being limited to only the 12 items in your modern capsule collection is daunting. Most of us love choices. Options. Like a salad bar. Sometimes we're in the mood for ranch, and sometimes balsamic is where it's at. Does that mean that we still don't put lettuce, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes as the base of your salad? No. Because the basics don't change. Just what we put on top does. 

With that in mind-- for our Summer Capsule collection, we decided to mix it up! (Pun intended!) We wanted to essentially give you four basic capsule wardrobe elements for summer- and show you how to mix them together and seperate with extra "toppings." 

If you've ever stood in front of your jam-packed closet and exclaimed "I have nothing to wear!", the capsule wardrobe is calling your name, sister. Simplify your choices to make getting ready a breeze. Here's the basic four pieces a great 2018 summer capsule wardrobe can be created around. 

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Posted On May 14, 2018